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Brian Wood | The Brickyard Event Center

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Brian Wood


Brian is a 5th Generation Funeral Director in his family and owns and operates Wood Funeral Home near downtown Idaho Falls as well as in Ammon. They have been serving our community since 1911. Brian received a Bachelor’s Degree in business management at BYU-Idaho and continued his education down in Mesa Arizona, receiving his degree in Mortuary Science.
He has been a licensed funeral director and mortician for 16 years. As times change and peoples expectations evolve, Brian saw the need to build an event center to cater more to the families he serves that are seeking a more non-traditional setting for a celebration of life rather than the more traditional chapel setting. When the land near Wood Funeral Home came up for sale, he saw it as the perfect opportunity to build this type of venue and not just cater to his funeral families in a unique way, but also to the entire community. That’s how The Brickyard Event Center came to be! It has been in operation since February of this year.