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Charity | Massive Impact, LLC (Coaching & Keynoting) and Salt River Investments, LLC (since 2012- commercial real estate investment and development)

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Charity Haderlie is a mother of 4 and has been married for 25 years (this June!). With over a decade of experience in leadership, commercial real estate investing and developing, business strategy and management, Charity has honed her expertise in both the strategic and mindset aspects of achieving success. She understands the challenges and obstacles that professionals face on their journey to grow their business and has developed proven strategies to help them navigate through them. Charity is also the founder of Massive Impact, LLC (coaching and keynoting) and also Co-founder and managing partner of Salt River Investments, LLC (Real estate investment and development). When Charity takes her business hats off, she can be found enjoying time with her family, playing pickle ball, running barefoot across the lawn (except when there’s snow), or experiencing delicious ethnic foods and cultures.