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Christine Minh Garner | Envision Your Purpose

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Christine Minh Garner

As Christine Garner was growing up planning for her future was not on her mind. The child of Vietnam War refugees whose mother adopted end of the world beliefs, Christine never believed that a college education or a business would be her reality. Overcoming obstacles early in life set her up to overcome the challenges that business would bring.

Her own journey inspired her to create a business called Envision Your Purpose. It is a purpose-driven vision board workshop. Christine guides attendees to discover who they are, where they are in their life, to identify their purpose in their life, to identify their goals and align that with their purpose. β€œI used to be a skeptic, just because you see something doesn’t mean it’s going to happen unless you work for it,” she says, β€œit’s an empowerment tool that you use to visualize how to get closer to your goals.” This tool worked in their own business and they met revenue goals they never thought they could achieve by using it.