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Heath | 208 Capital Holdings or Super T Transport

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After returning home in the 90s from Boise State University I started my career in transportation for a family-owned and operated refrigerated carrier, Edwards Bros Inc. based in the heart of the Idaho potato patch. No one could have known that my childhood admiration of semi-trucks would develop into much more. For nearly a decade I occupied many roles within the Edwards Bros Organization, from Dispatch, Customer Service, Recruiting, Brokerage, sales, and some occasional Truck driving. Needless to say I jumped into any void that the company had and helped push the companies’ goals forward. In 2005 100% of the EB shares were sold to Knight Transportation. This led to a great learning opportunity for me to learn the business from a much larger scale. In 2007 Super T Transport filed for its operating authority and began business. From one truck and me as the first truck driver, billing administrator, dispatcher amongst all other roles we have grown to one of the fastest growing refrigerated fleets on the western side of the U.S. As CEO I have led Super T down a pathway of steady internal growth along with growth through M & A. I am proud to have led the company to its current size of roughly 200 power units and 300 trailers and from one dollar to a multi-million dollar corparation. In fall of 2022 Super T Transport announced the sale of 100% of its shares to Berger Logistik, a partially owned Red Bull energy drink company. While growing the Truckline I have also expanded our portfolio of busineses in other sectors as well. Growing a small handfull of the businesses into multi million dollar valuations. These other sectors include realestate holdings, dealership intrests along with a footprint in the auto lending space. Throughout this process we have picked up many awards including being named Idaho’s number 61 of Idaho’s top 100 companies. In addition, I am proud to have sat and currently sit on many notable boards that align with our organizations.