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James Zolman | Grunt Workers

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James Zolman

James Zolman launched his first digital marketing agency as a newlywed before he started college 16 years ago. Within 2 years, not knowing anything about digital marketing, he scaled to a half million dollars in annual recurring revenue. 3 years later he sold his portfolio of clients to other agencies and went full-time into affiliate marketing where he scaled to 7 figures in annual revenue within 12 months. Over the past decade, he has partnered with others to build two 8-figure affiliate marketing businesses and one 8-figure info-product business. Between his own businesses and consulting for others, he has been responsible for well over $250 million in small business revenue and dozens of 6 and 7 figure product launches online. James now focuses on helping leaders scale their marketing teams in the Philippines through his latest startup, GruntWorkers.com.