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Jeremy Dresen | Jeremy Taylor in the Morning

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Jeremy Dresen

I've been in radio for 22 years now. 10 years at Z103, and the other 12 working at 100.7 MYfm. Over those 22 years, I've done it all. On-air of course, but I was in sales for the bulk of my time at Z103, including a couple years as sales manager for Z103, Kbear and the Hawk.

After that time as sales manager, I decided to step down and leave radio sales all together to start a marketing firm with my business partner and brother. With my knowledge and experience in media marketing and production, and his expertise in graphic design and branding, I thought it was a no-brainer. 14 years later, Glacier is the largest media marketing company in east Idaho.

Finally, 6 years ago my wife and I decided to buy into a salon suite franchise, Phenix Salon Suites. We initially thought we'd only have our one location in Idaho Falls, but we've ended up with 4 locations. The other 3 are located in Utah. Lots of irons in the fire, but that's how we like it. Running 110 miles per hour every day, week after week. Makes for an exciting life!

As a side note, there are a couple charitable causes I've embraced over my radio career. I've been blessed in this industry, and I've wanted to give back. So, several years ago I committed time and resources to the Snake River Animal Shelter. I served on their board of directors for two years, and am a part of the creating of their Fubu Medical Fund(named after my late mini schnauzer). This fund exists to help cover the cost of shelter animals medial needs.

The other cause I've been passionate about is the Jeremy Taylor School Lunch Project. It's a fund I started the first of this year to pay down student's school lunch debt. As the local school districts can attest, there are several who struggle throughout our area, and those school meals will be the best (sometimes only) meal they will have all day. When the family can't afford those meals, the debt accumulates. This fund was established to help tackle this issue on a local level. To date, $2,000 have already ben donated to 2 different school districts, with another $1,000 donation to be made before the end of this year. Collectively, that $3,000 can cover the cost of nearly 1,200 student meals.

As for family, I'm more than happily married with two kids. Our kids are now old enough that they're out of the house, so we are officially empty nesters, and we love it!