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Kristi Carlquist | Carlquist Real Estate Yeti Jane Sips and Snacks Style House Decor and Staging

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Kristi Carlquist


I grew up in northern Wyoming just south of the Montana border at the base of the bighorn mountains. Father had a welding and logging company, taught to work hard from a young age. Went to school and got a degree in science and a masters in bio mechanics. Opened a clinical trials company in Utah when my babies were little and sold it after a few years to follow my husbands line of work. Lived here 13 years. 3 Children. Really love being outdoors, willing to try something new even if Im awful at it. Learned to snowboard at 40 so I could be on the hill with my kids and not just sitting in the lodge. Painful age to start that BTW. I have a fairly robust background in construction that comes from my father and the way we were expected to work and be self sufficient.