23.04.21_Christina Negrete

Christina Negrete was born & raised in the city of Idaho falls, I was your typical Idaho girl, my 4-wheeler was my obsession, every

chance I got, I’d load up and leave to the mountains for hours. I faced a lot of adversary w/in my family as a child, that’s another

story for later, but I found myself pretty much homeless & living in my car at the age of 16. Fast forward I have 5 beautiful children

4 daughters (1being my husbands daughter) & a son and let me tell you, there ain’t nothing like having that many girls spaced

every other yr apart! Need I say more? I didn’t think so 😂 I started my first company at the age of 24, a painting company, little

did I know how much I’d love painting. It’s the best thing in the world!! By the age of 15, I knew I never wanted to work for anyone

but myself. My first job at 15 at Sbarros’s pizza & then two restaurants taught me that even though I knew I was better, faster,

smarter, I got paid the least, had to take directions from Morans and that never resonated well w/me. I left Idaho & moved to

Florida at 17, North Carolina at 18 & Cali (San Diego) at 19. I ran 4 major cell cell phone stores throughout So Cal and I loved

being my own boss because I pretty much was! There was only one problem, I wasn’t the one making the money of an owner but

that of an employee. Let’s fast forward at 24 my husband & I started our company in Idaho, a painting company, we’ve been in the

commercial General construction and real estate industry for over a decade now and weve never looked back. Only pushed

forward with one goal in mind every year, do better than last yr. What you put your thoughts and mind too, truly magnifies itself.