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Tiffanie Franco/Josh Scott | Fuel’d Apparel and Design

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Tiffanie Franco/Josh Scott


Both Josh and Tiffanie grew up in the Idaho Falls area, and have been raising 4 children here as well.

Tiffanie studied Architecture at Idaho State University, and was in the top 4 (out of 20) of her class in the 2 year Architecture program offered by the University. After that program was over, instead of pursuing the rest of her education at a different University out of town, she decided to stay in Idaho Falls and raise her children. Tiffanie is a self-taught graphic designer, and has been excelling at graphic design for 20 years. She comes from a family of entrepreneurs, and has been exposed to entrepreneurship her entire life, as her parents owned a successful daycare and local restaurant. Tiffanie worked in both of those businesses as a teenager and young adult. She was a freelance graphic designer for 10 years before deciding to start FUEL’D.

Josh also comes from a family of entrepreneurs, as both of his parents have owned successful businesses in our area, and also out of state. He was the president of a motorsports club based in Utah for 3 years. He also started Live a Little Productions and was the COO for the first year of operations, until he left the company for personal reasons. Josh has been in the apparel production industry for 10 years, and constantly searches for ways to become the best in the industry.

Tiffanie and Josh started FUEL’D in their basement in 2016, and the company has grown exponentially since then. Now with 2 locations and 6 employees, the company continues to grow rapidly.