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Valorie Blanchard | Valorie’s List

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Valorie Blanchard


Valorie Blanchard

Born and raised on a farm in Rexburg gave me the background and work ethic to succeed in any direction I chose. However; being a nerd at heart took me down the marketing, advertising and production road from the very start.

Working in a couple advertising agency gave me the full spectrum of marketing and promotion needs for all types of businesses. From Hospitals, automotive dealers to herbal supplements for horses. I love learning and overcoming obstacles in each business sector.

One of the funnest, yet most challenging opportunities I’ve ever had was working as promotion director for Z103, KBEAR, KLCE and being one of the first 4 people to work on 105.5 the HAWK. I was blessed to work with some amazing people and learn so much about developing an event that would be appealing to the mass majority of people. I truly loved this time in my life.

The other driving factor in my life was a LOVE of Rodeo. With three boys that have won a combined 12 National titles, I wanted to be more involved with the rodeo industry. That is when I broke away and decided to give the entrepreneur in me a shot. I formed my own advertising agency directed solely on the Western Industry called Rodeo Graphics. During this time we worked with many national companies like Cactus Ropes, Bloomer Trailers and Weatherby. Some of our specialties consisted of working with Rodeo Queens and PRCA Rodeo Promotion.

While working with Rodeo Graphics, we were asked to develop a high end Real Estate Magazine. It involved talking with realtors in the Eastern Idaho area and I soon developed the desire to become a realtor. Since then, I have been working as a realtor for the past 5 years and totally love it. Being a realtor has given me the opportunity to continue to work for myself, while still using and expanding my marketing skills.

Ten years ago, I was asked to be the promoter of the Gem State Classic PRCA Rodeo at the Eastern Idaho State Fair. It has always been a dream of mine to produce a PRCA Rodeo and in the short 10 years we were nominated for the PRCA Small Rodeo of the year in 2019 and in the top 5 in 2020. This has been the biggest accomplishment of my life.

With a constant need to give back to the community that has done so much for me, the “Wall of Warmth” was started and is in the 5th year. Last year we gave away approximately 5,000 coats to people in need.

As for me and my family, I have been blessed! I’m married to an amazing husband, Lance Blanchard. I have three sons, two beautiful grand daughters and a wonderful stepdaughter.

Life couldn’t be better!