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Jayce Howell | BOSS Management

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jayce howell

Jayce Howell

Jayce is an Idaho Falls native with a passion for Eastern Idaho. For over 20 years he has been an advocate for the unlimited potential and resources of this region. He has a proven track record of developing businesses, managing real estate portfolios, raising private equity, and specializes in bridge funding and strategic syndication.

As the current managing member of BOSS Idaho Falls, GO Capital, 100 Proof, Mauri Ventures, and TJ-2 Holdings, Jayce oversees a large real estate portfolio that includes some of the region’s most sought after properties. Participants of the portfolio include private equity groups and general and limited partners.

Jayce’s work drive began in sales, transitioned into the mortgage and lending business, and is now primarily focused on real estate projects, such as; identifying properties, acquiring properties, and syndicating the funding for real estate ventures. He also owns and participates in commercial projects with government tenants. Jayce consistently holds an active real estate license and works with both brokers and local officials to provide avenues for new and existing businesses to grow.